Additions & Renovations in New Jersey

Whether renovating or adding on to your home, you want peace of mind from the smallest element to the grandest of choice in all of your decisions. The relief of each of those, and all between, is what Alleva Construction is here to offer you. The beauty of us providing your service from beginning, the design, to the end, the install, etc.; we are able to make sure that everything is coordinated and you are part of the process.

“Whatever good things we build end up building us” — Jim Rohn

Alleva home builders not only offers many different design options that will help you visualize your choices prior to construction, but also architectural services and basement waterproofing. We are the one stop that will encompass all of your needs. The Showrooms and Designers will make sure that everything you have envisioned for your new addition or an area you have planned to renovate will come to life before your eyes. We are the best home improvement contractors in NJ for home additions and basement water proofing services.

“Always lay a deep foundation, whether in your home or in life” — Anonymous

Completing your newest addition… design, demo, deliveries, will begin to fall into place. The steps are followed to ensure that the work is done correctly and to your expectations. The proper inspections, procedures, and process is followed and in the you are able to decorate to taste and enjoy your newest piece you call home!

“If a building becomes architecture, then it is art.” —Arne Jacobsen
“When times are tight, travel and recreation expenses are usually the first to go in the family budget. This has prompted a new type of vacation, aptly titled the staycation. This is when you take off work and vacation at home instead of hitting the oceanfront rental. This is a great opportunity to beautify your biggest asset: your house. Not only will this provide enjoyment for your family, but it will also pay off when you decide to sell.” —Emilie Sennebogen, TLC

Additions and Renovations Photos

Below are just a few examples of home renovations we have recently completed.
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