A large patio and deck expansion.Deck Design and Installation for Hackensack, NJ, Homeowners

If you’re the kind of homeowner who enjoys relaxing in the privacy of your backyard—and who doesn’t? —then you need a beautiful deck to do it from. That’s where Alleva Construction comes in. We’re the leading general contractor in the Hackensack, New Jersey, area offering custom deck design and installation services. If you want to upgrade your outdoor relaxation, we can help.

Made for Your Lifestyle

The key to any great deck is a personalized design. After all, your home and yard have a unique layout, and maximizing the benefit of your deck starts with working with what you have. Plus, when you work with us for a deck, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to include any design elements or features that you desire, like a matching railing system or fire pit. The end result is a custom deck that fits your lifestyle and needs perfectly.

Construction Expertise From a Practiced Team

Our construction and installation teams have decades of combined industry experience, so you can trust that your home will be in good hands. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your deck is installed properly to stand the test of time, remaining attractive, sturdy, and level. You won’t have to worry about your deck warping or sinking in a few years like you might with other contractors.

Find Out More Today

The deck of your dreams begins by choosing a contractor you can trust. To find out more about what makes Alleva Construction the leading deck installation and design team in Hackensack, NJ, contact us today and get started with our team.