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Lacing up for freedom
Alleva Construction Supports Lacing Up For Freedom Walk
by Alleva Construction, Inc. – March 15, 2015
“Local contractor Michael Alleva takes a stand against human trafficking and unethical labor practices.
His Hackensack based Construction company is one of the local companies sponsoring this years LACING UP FOR FREEDOM walk.”Read the full press release
New Uses for Original Built-in Features (PDF)
by Eileen Watkins. The Record – June 18, 2011
“These days, few of us need to huddle close to the fireplace to stay warm (unless we haven’t paid the heating bill) and our bookcases may holds DVDs more often than classic literature.
Still, those who love older homes keep finding new uses for original built–ins.”Read the full story to find out how small repairs or adjustments can give your built-ins a new lease on life.
Maintaining the Front Porch (PDF)
by Eileen Watkins. The Record – May 14, 2011
“A well–maintained porch can be a charming extension of your living space, especially at this time of year.
But keeping one in good shape does require a certain investment of money and labor.”Read the article to find out the warning signs of damage and painting and staining tips.
How To Survive A Home Renovation
by Alleva Construction, Inc.
“Undergoing a renovation of your home can seem like a daunting task.
Here are some tips to help get you through this process…”Read the full story
Caboose Repairs Chugging Along
by Philip Devencentis. Mahwah Suburban News
Alleva Construction was headlined as the feature story of the Mahwah Suburban News in the “Caboose Repairs Chugging Along” article by Philip Devencentis.
The article is about a historical restoration of the 1929 Erie Railroad Caboose, Mahwah’s Old Station Museum’s featured attraction.Alleva Construction has been hired by the Mahwah Museum Society to restore the Caboose to its original lustre.
Repairs include replacement of the roof, windows, sills, and siding — handrails and metalwork that was sand-blasted and repainted.

Preservation of the original design is of utmost importance during any type of historical restoration project therefore material selection is a critical step in the process.
“You can’t just throw wood up there without recognizing that the caboose is a part of engineering history…You have to respect the woodwork and craftsmanship from years ago,” said Rick Sinnig, our foreman for this project.

With the quality and care that Alleva Construction puts into every project, these repairs should help preserve this unique piece of history for generations to come.